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rencontres gratuites 78 Nobody is perfect..
by mst prostituées at 10/22/2016 4:12:44 AM

Nobody is perfect..

Everyone has flaws and scars and habits.

Regardless of what you look like, how you dress, what you do, how you live, who you know, what you like or dislike. There will always be someone out there that doesn't like you for those reasons. For the fact that they don't see the truth, you are simply yourself and they can't accept it. There will always be hardships in life because you are different. People will continue to look down on others because they don't like an imperfection, yet they don't see their own imperfections.

People go through life trying to be perfect or finding perfection. what they can't see is that perfection doesn't exist. Yes there are those that see others as perfect, and to them they may be perfect because of their standards. That doesn't mean they are perfect, it is simply the extent of another person's standards.

I've seen people try so hard to perfect themselves, but they are unhappy. I've seen people search for perfection and they are also unhappy. Then there are those that say they have found perfection, but is it really perfection they found or have they just lowered their standards and are happy with what they have? I believe that everyone lowers their standards at some point as they search for that perfection.

Perfection lies within the mind of those that seek it, doesn't mean what they find is actually perfect, but to them it may seem that way because they are content and happy.

So if you are trying to be perfect or searching for perfection. How about you stop and ask yourself, what will I be happy with? Only then will you find this "perfection" you seek. For you will find that one thing that meets or exceeds your standards and expectations.

Stop searching for perfection, start seeking happiness.