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agence prostituées montreal Something a little different.
by vous allez rencontrer un sombre at 10/18/2016 3:14:31 PM

~Hells Gate~

Dark clouds cover this space,
why have I come to this place?
Deadly screams echo like a bell,
I have finally came to Hell.

My skin has caught ablaze,
Mindlessly caught in a daze.
Demonic laughter all around,
Causing my ears to pound.

I just can't believe I'm dead,
No proof that I have bled.
Searching for an escape,
how did my death escalate?

I was fine before,
show me the door.
Take me from this hell,
let me go back to my shell.

Don't let me fade away,
let me have one more day.
I will do what is right,
please let me see the light.

If I can't have one wish,
at least take my accomplice.
I wasn't alone in my deed,
Where is your undying creed?

The truth is in my eyes,
do not believe others lies.
You haven't seen the last of me,
I am not easily beaten, don't you see?

There will come a time,
vengeance won't be a crime.
I have fallen into a dark abyss,
but I am not through with this.

You won't know when I'll strike,
You won't see with your sight.
Hush now and wait,
I will see you at Hell's Gate.